Why are HTML sitemaps important for good SEO rankings?

For some reason, since the introduction of XML sitemap submission in Google Webmasters Tools (Google Search Console), many SEO specialists decided against adding HTML sitemaps to websites. They were not making good decisions.

HTML Sitemaps serve very important purposes that affect your SEO ranking:

  1. They distribute page authority across your website.
  2. They ensure that bots that crawl and rank your website can find and access all pages easily.
  3. They ensure that users can find and access all the pages easily.
  4. They can be used to highlight important categories, pages or blog posts on your website.

A good SEO specialists will customise your HTML sitemap according to your website type properly, and adjust it according to your preferences. For example:  

When working with blogs, I suggest listing the pages in chronological order. When working with a website or ecommerce site, I suggest guiding the user to important categories or top level pages.

HTML Sitemap for SEO

HTML sitemaps are still a crucial part of SEO in web 2.0 and if you are serious about ranking, you should be serious about adding an XML & HTML Sitemaps.

Here are some links you may want to look at if you are interested in improving your SEO ranking with HTML sitemaps.